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Pineapple Tart filled with natural sweetness of pineapple and pastry made from pure butter that melts in your mouth. Popular during Lunar New Year and Hari Raya.

British Tea is a black tea, mostly a blended black tea. Teas blends are commonly made up of teas from India (Assam), Sri Lanka, or East Africa.

Our Very Very Berry sings of summer, with a symphony of real currants, rosehip shells, raspberry pieces, blackcurrants, elderberries, blueberries and piquant hibiscus flowers. A Great Taste Award winner in both 2011 and 2014, the judges loved its “dark dried fruit aroma which brews to a blushing red, medium-bodied liquor.

A pot of this traditional blend makes breakfast all it’s meant to be. English Breakfast is our most popular house blend loved by generations of loyal customers. We combine teas grown thousands of miles apart to create this familiar, comforting taste. Assam for strength, Ceylon for depth and Kenyan for colour. We can’t imagine starting the day without it.

Kuih Kapit is one of the classic Chinese New Year cookies. The Best Traditional Melt-in-the-Mouth Coconut Cookies.
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